L-A-st Poet Condemned His Writings

L-A-st Poet Condemned His Writings

L-A-st Poet

Does not re-A-d nor t-A-lks to A-nyone

A-s if the Del key bec-A-me his life

A-nd effective medic-A-tion A-gainst

The cruelty of the world

Now L-A-st Poet cl-A-ims

Re-A-ding is a re-A-l dis-A-ster

Initi-A-lly it used to bring him d-A-mn joy

The first phr-A-se seems A-s  born tod-A-y

In the A-BC textbook

A-l-a h-A-s a c-A-t

My entire life st-A-rted there

A-nd my beliefs

I sh-A-ll pl-A-y A-g-A-inst A-l-a

Then boys A-g-A-inst girls

On school pl-A-yground

He w-A-s sure then

The world is good A-nd should be

A-nd his poems be terrific

Re-A-ching the he-A-ven’s beA-uties

To a-b-A-ndon the bonds of m-A-rgins

A-nd a w-A-y out to hide A-l-a in the whe-A-t field

Only to axe his love

I sh-A-ll pull out the stone

From D-A-vid-s eye

He s-A-ys jotting down his p-A-st memories

I didn’t give up there in the p-A-rk fighting

I remember my bitter coming home

A-s vivid as if h-A-ppening tod-A-y

Se-A-rching bright and long phr-A-ses

A-nd some nourishing A-ir for curved letters

So as to produce life to A-l-a’s friends

A-fterw-A-rds L-A-st Poet resolved to kill his p-A-ges

A-nd to w-A-tch poisonous cl-A-ssic’s books burning

In defence of l-A-st Don Quijotes


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