last poet committed crime

last poet committed crime

last poet

you have been found guilty

of your clear disregard

to the mission of poetic beauty

you said

poetry is unable to save peoples

from their inclination to kill

and it does not keep us alive

even by courting the form

showing respect to our Master

certainly you combat our enemies

in line with all received commands

your tricks seem OK

you have been devoted to remind the world

about all harms our country suffered

all renegades

and the betrayal at the dawn

which Court considered

mitigating factors


last poet

follow your Masters’ manifestos

so stand up and fight

before the Unknown Tribunal

Tax Office

or Ms Secretary

file your poem in the Verses Registration Agency

even though you feel disgraced

it is natural reaction to injustice

never give up

your grey hair shall never be a serious excuse

please set up your Facebook profile

then click humbly a dark character

and next the red one

mind the white to avoid any faults

your instinct shall instruct you

how to specifically care

for margins settings

and that’s all


you shall be whipped by your nature

last poet



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