Last Poet Invokes His Ancestors

Last Poet Invokes His Ancestors

Last Poet looks at


Silence of the grave-yard

Life of his absent friends


All of them shall be cleansed

By dark insults and hate

Last Poet

Seeks advice from his forefathers

In the dust of closed book covers

Time is dried for ever

Ancient parchment

Is speechless in the bonds

And reading

White eagle means dignity

Or insane mind

Last Poet deep in his thoughts

Ponders on which is true

Then he looks up the appropriate page

Paragraph and sentence

There coats of arms and inscriptions

Looking like autumn yellow

And some old birth certificates

Remind him of eternal

Foes of his nation

Though unknown and forgotten

Hopefully he could sing again and again

Not to abandon his mission

To kill

To betray

To leave behind his past

Its high time he said farewell

To his books

 Then listen to breaking news

And make an offering to his parents

Of that night

Last Poet

Has a sandwich and eggs for breakfast

Some dark coffee making his stomach ache

And only then he leaves to agora



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