last poet is an endangered species

last poet is an endangered species

to Prof. Stanisław Jaworski

last poet

converses with his peers

the Canary  and the Parrot

all closed in the cage

they are skilled editors

he meditates

over their long-lasting friendship

Poetry is Poetry

ad majorem gloriam

that is the warning

he shall remember for ever

last poet

says my every-day meals are large and nourishing

so no need to care about the lineage

last poet

is well protected now

as about forty guards

assure he is safe and sound

like a priceless vestige

short days short nights short years

are his repetitive routines

to accomplish daily targets of his poetical job

including some pauses for regeneration of the brain

his call to arms needs suitable rhythm

and the stress on the last syllables must be distinctly heard

the pride of the country

he is to render in even iambuses

the level of enthusiasm

should be completed

so that young combatants

breathe their last breath with delight

last poet

dreams of his last verses

as free of the yoke of his prestigious service

he hopes to experience the joy itself

somewhere over faraway galaxies

he is to experience new language

and unexplored motifs

which are still invisible for him

it’s time to put the last full-stop – he says –

and shortly to depart

last poet

is not allowed to board the spacecraft

the security agents will teach him the lesson

lives of the endangered species is priceless

they patiently explain him

his distress and irritation

mean nothing

for future generations

they need benefits from his rhymed puzzles

and reading with joy and happiness

last poet

looks at the Nevada desert

it is his last




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