Last poet’s Last supper

Last poet’s Last supper

I’m hungry

I’m thirsty

I’m in need

Down dirty

And stinking

Says Last poet

Hungrig gLodny j’fein

Last Supper

Is my Last chance

To have a rest

And then go away

With wandering stars

O La La a La La oh oh o La La O


Last poet

Confused and baffLed

Viewed his Last fuLL-stops

ALongside commas

FLaw to unknown Lands

I’LL take off Later

He says

Though ”Later” lurks

Around the corner

He feels too tired

As to share a meal

To take a shower

Or a fancy coffee

Worth  his last penny

Last gamble

To depart

Means if won I’LL see

Some of my  old friends

I’LL have a hair-cut

To look good to look fine

My baby’s nuts with me


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